Slayer Deer & Danzig Ram enamel pin set


Special Artist Edition pin set

Steve Seeley is an American printmaker based in Chicago. His work is dominated by his love of cartoons, comic books, music, and nature.

We have recreated two of his paintings ("Slayer Deer" and "Danzig Ram") for this special Artist Edition pin set. These paintings are part of a series in which famous heavy metal logos were spliced with animals to form new beasts in order to comment on the “darker” side of nature as well as our cultural impact on the natural world.

Limited Edition enamel pin set

Slayer Deer is 1.66 inches, 7 color fill
Danzig Ram is 1.5 inches, 4 color fill

Soft enamel black nickel metal with two butterfly clutches on the back to prevent spinning.

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