Stakes Is High enamel pin

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In 1996 De La Soul released their fourth record "Stakes is High". The schisms along race, locale, politics, economics, and aesthetics were plain to see, but were yet to erupt. The coastal beefs were still in effect, and both Biggie and Pac were still alive. Highlights include one of Mos Def's first appearances on the track "Big Brother Beat" and blistering production by the late J Dilla on the title track "Stakes is High".

"Stakes is High"...Dave was like that’s a great title for the album. That’s what this should be. Stakes is high for us and all the negative things going on in the world. It should be treated like our "What’s Going On?" like Marvin Gaye." - Maseo

20 years later the title/track is more relevant than ever. A quick scan of news headlines reveals just how consequential the choices we make right now are. "YOU KNOW THEM STAKES IS HIGH!"

Limited Edition enamel pin

1.25 inches

Hard enamel with 1 color fill and two butterfly clutches on the back to prevent spinning.

Available in three metal finishes (in order from left to right): Nickel, Gold, and Black Nickel

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Art Direction/Design for the album Stakes is High: Michelle Willems

Photography for the Stakes is High album cover: Eric Johnson