The #pingame enamel pin


Call it the #pingame pin, call it the mash-up/mock-up pin, you can even call it the "Toothless Ketchum" pin if you are so inclined. Oh, the #pingame, the land of creative freedom where intellectual property means little to nothing. We combined 3 things we see all the time; "Pokemon" things, "Stranger Things" things, and pre-order PMS (Pantone Matching System) mock-up screenshots that no one but a designer should ever see. This zinc alloy die cast pin is a futile attempt to encapsulate the 4th quarter of the 16th year of the 21st century in pin form.

PS - For all you pin makers out there, this is also a real life handy dandy PMS color guide...for 5 colors :-)

Limited Edition enamel pin

1.75 inches

Soft enamel black dye metal with 6 color fill and two butterfly clutches on the back to prevent spinning.