Tippy the Turtle enamel pin


If you read comic books / magazines or watched TV in the 80's and 90's you may remember the infamous "Art Test" ads. Tippy was always our first choice.

Tippy the turtle. Spunky the Donkey. Cubby the bear. The Pirate. You've likely seen their faces on late-night TV or in a small ad in the back of a magazine or comic book. "Do you like to draw?" they ask. "Draw me," they urge. For decades, these characters and their kin have tempted talented and not-so-talented doodlers, offering a free art test. The one-sheet flier asks you to sketch "draw me" heads and answer a few questions. The return address is in Northeast Minneapolis, headquarters of Art Instruction Schools. Since 1914, it has been the home-correspondence school to thousands of would-be painters, cartoonists, illustrators, art directors and animators. Its "draw me" advertisements were once ubiquitous. We have immortalized the most famous Art Test character, Tippy the Turtle, in pin form.

Limited Edition enamel pin

1 inch

Soft enamel black nickel metal with 1 color fill and a black rubber clutch.