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Charlie Brown and Lucy enamel pin set

Charlie Brown and Lucy enamel pin set

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Special Edition Charlie Brown and Lucy pin set that we made exclusively for the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center, which houses the largest collection of original Peanuts artwork in the world.

Will Charlie Brown ever get to kick the ball?

For nearly 50 years, Charles Schulz drew an annual fall comic strip of Lucy pulling a football away from poor old Charlie Brown. Schulz never intended this to become a yearly tradition, but he kept thinking of funny new ways for Lucy to get the best of Charlie Brown.

“It all started,” he said, “with a childhood memory of being unable to resist the temptation to pull the football at the kick-off. We all did it, we all fell for it.”

Of course, Schulz never let Charlie Brown kick the football, because then “the foundation collapses”.

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Limited Edition enamel pin set on a custom backing card

Charlie Brown is 1.5 inches

Lucy is 1.25 inches

Hard enamel black nickel metal with 4-5 color fill and two rubber clutches on the back to prevent spinning