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Elton John Captain Fantastic enamel pin
Elton John Captain Fantastic enamel pin

Elton John Captain Fantastic enamel pin

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This Deluxe Limited Edition pin features glitter accents and a 3D molded silver ball.

One of the most popular pinball machines ever produced, Captain Fantastic is an arcade pinball machine designed by Greg Kmiec and produced by Bally in 1976 starring Elton John with artwork by Dave Christensen. It is named after the album "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy" and features John dressed as the "Pinball Wizard" from the rock opera film Tommy.

At the height of his success Elton John appeared as the sneering "Pinball Wizard" aka the local lad in The Who's 1975 rock opera, Tommy. The Pinball Wizard is a towering figure, his shoes alone are almost 5 feet tall. He is the reigning Pinball Champion until he is defeated and dethroned by Tommy.  

The custom Dr. Martens that Elton wore for the role are currently on permanent display at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery.

"Ever since I was a young boy, I've played the silver ball." 

3.75 inches

Designed and manufactured to our exacting US standards in true vintage style.

Triple posted. Custom Pinball PSA logo back stamp.