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Golden Fire Hydrant molded pin
Golden Fire Hydrant molded pin
Golden Fire Hydrant molded pin
Golden Fire Hydrant molded pin

Golden Fire Hydrant molded pin

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100% of proceeds go to California Fire Relief in light of the 2017 wildfires:
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This is the legend of the Golden Fire Hydrant, the miraculous fireplug that saved the Mission District of San Francisco in 1906.

When San Francisco burst into flames in the days following the disastrous 1906 earthquake, much of the city’s network of fire hydrants failed. Miraculously this hydrant, nicknamed “little giant,” is said to have been the only functioning hydrant and is credited with saving the historic Mission District neighborhood.

It stands on the southwest corner of Dolores Park to this day and is painted with a fresh coat of gold paint each April 18th.

A memorial plaque reads:

“Though the water mains were broken and dry on April 18, 1906 yet from this Greenberg hydrant on the following night there came a stream of water allowing the firemen to save the Mission District.

Dedicated to chief Dennis Sullivan and the men who fought the Great Fire and to the spirit of the people of San Francisco who regardless of their losses brought our city from its ruins to be host of the world with their 1915 Pan Pacific Exposition and the building of our Civic Center.

May their love and devotion for this city be an inspiration for all to follow and their motto ‘The city that knows how’ a light to lead all future generations.”

Limited Edition

1 inch

Deluxe locking clutch and "PSA" stamp on the back