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Issue #36 (The Black Issue) enamel pin
Issue #36 (The Black Issue) enamel pin

Issue #36 (The Black Issue) enamel pin

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It has been 20 years since 9/11 and Marvel's reaction to the events. Because Marvel Comics and its heroes had become synonymous with New York, the publisher felt it had to respond to the tragedy, and it had to be Spider-Man who addressed it. The result was Amazing Spider-Man vol. 2 issue #36, aka The Black Issue due to its striking all black cover, which remains a fitting tribute to New York City, true heroes, and the resilient human spirit.

J. Michael Straczynski was tasked with writing the story, and he initially balked at the idea. But Straczynski’s story soon came to him, and he, artist John Romita Jr., inker Scott Hanna, and the rest of the creative team finished and released the issue in under a month which is unprecedented in the publishing world.

On September 8th, 2021, Marvel published a follow up entitled "The Four Fives" 
written by Joe Quesada and drawn by The Black Issue artists John Romita Jr. and Scott Hanna. 

Limited Edition 

1.75 inches

Silver metal with black enamel fill + epoxy

Double posted. Custom "Spidey PSA" back stamp