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RTC enamel pin no. 3 (Stoned Cobra)

RTC enamel pin no. 3 (Stoned Cobra)

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Our third Special Artist Edition enamel pin with RTC

Ryan Travis Christian is an artist based in Chicago. His idiosyncratic style of drawing densely layers graphite pencil to create graphic images featuring amorphous characters. Inspired by Ub Iwerks, George Condo and the Hairy Who, he renders his figures in both high contrast and slow motion, inserting them into hazy sfumato-esque landscapes and skewed spaces alike that repeatedly melt and coalesce.

We have recreated one of his 2020 graphite drawings "Stoned Cobra" for this special Artist Edition enamel pin. 

2 inches

Hard enamel black nickel metal with 3 color fill and two clutches on the back to prevent spinning.